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"Solid Track with immersive lyricism" - Music on the moon

"Driving and Vibing song" - Tarasko

"Catchy Track with punchy drums" - Havoc Underground

"Very enjoyable and well written" - Given to rock

"enjoyable flow and production quality" -Rock Alchemist

"Energy and surprises along the way" - American Pancake"

"This is great! The groove and instrumental parts really remind me of Freedom-era Neil Young. Cool! I like the nod to Dylan too" - Alt 77

"Take me home is a primal example of Dave's artistry-a single with a catchy melodic punch, vocals that hit hard, all stepped in the traditional Canadian rock ethos. It's a nostalgic ride, like a modern-day ode to the glory days, and it echos with the spirit of the mighty Canadian rock gods, The Tragically Hip. Get ready for a musical journey that bends time and echoes with the roar of raw, unapologetic rock." - last day deaf

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